Our Butcher

4th Generation Butcher

Raymond Owens

Master Butcher

No Compromise on Quality

Raymond started working at his grandparent’s meat shop in Cle Elum Washington.

When he was in grade school at the age of 8 years old, he would walk to their house and have Huckleberry pie or a cookie with his Grandma. He would then walk to the meat market which was across the street.

His Grandpa would put him to work doing small tasks like sweeping, cleaning and most of all watching his Grandpa cut meat and waiting on customers. Eventually, his Grandpa put an apron on him to fit a little kid and stand him on a caret, so he could start learning how to bone out the meat.

His Grandma taught him how to count change back.   As he got older, he went in and helped even more.  They started paying him his first wage of $.50 a day at the age of 9.   He saved enough money to buy his first Winchester model 50 Semi auto shot gun at a hometown sporting goods store (Willy Strange sporting goods).  When he was around 12 or 13 years old, he was doing a lot of cutting and working in the slaughterhouse and cutting wild game with his cousins.

Being a butcher has been a lifetime career and a passion for Raymond. He has the most appreciation, respect, and love towards his Grandparents (Richard and Francis Owens) for the time and passion they have given him.

Raymond and his wife Tammy have now opened a meat shop in Omak WA., for retail, custom, and wild game processing.  He uses many of his grandparent’s recipes and knowledge in the retail shop, Owens Riverside Meats.