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Tammy and Raymond moved to Ellisford, Washington in 2012. They bought a custom meat business from the Stedfeld’s.

In 2015, just three years later an unfortunate accident happened. The meat shop burned to the ground.  The insurance company was not willing to pay for all the damage that was done.  They moved to California on 160 acres they had purchased years ago to retire on. 

In 2018 they received a phone call from the lawyer,  the insurance company is willing to settle. We did not have any idea we would get enough to start up a new meat shop. We sold our property in California and headed home.

We were blessed with 5 Crofoot Lane,  Riverside WA.  We  hired an amazing crew to build the shop.  Our Son in laws added their touches to the shop, (Ryan and Ryan) from a beautiful door to hanging a rail system.

We started out with custom for the first year and then put in a retail shop filled with the most amazing meats you can have. Everything is made in the shop by Raymond Owens.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your meat cutting needs!


Our History

The story of Owens Meats began an astonishing 128 years ago in Roslyn, Washington. The family business was established in 1887 -two years before Washington officially became a US State- by Morgan Owens. Lured to the region as a result of the coal rush, Morgan soon found that there was an entirely different market to be explored: feeding the legions of coal miners.

In 1906, after operating out of several different locations in Roslyn, including the first store which burned down, Owens Meats relocated to what is now the Past Time tavern. It was here where Morgan and his wife, Etta, handed the responsibility of the market to their sons Richard and David. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the Owens brothers were faced with two daunting challenges for the business to overcome: the Great Depression and a coal miner strike.

The 1960s saw another passing of the torch for Owens Meats. As business continued to boom, Richard Sr called it a career and his sons took over the family establishment. This development brought about another era of change for Owens Meats’ business model.

In 1968, Richard and Francis decided to retire, they then spent their remaining years enjoying their Grandkid’s, fishing, hunting and living life.

Interviews with Richard and Francis Owens

Richard (Rich) and Francis Owens speak about the challenges of owning and running a business in Roslyn, Washington, in the 1920s-1930s. Francis Owens talks about her family, the Cusworths, and their arrival in Roslyn, circa 1887. She talks about life in a mining family, working conditions in the mines, the Northwestern Improvement Company Store, and the mine explosion of 1892. She talks about marrying Richard (Rich) Owens in 1922.

The above image shows the Owens’ butcher shop circa 1920. Rich Owens, Sr., is pictured next to the boy at center.

Richard Owen’s Interview

These  recordings are from The Frederick Krueger Collection at Central Washington University Archives and Special Collections.

Etta Owen’s Interview

These  recordings are from The Frederick Krueger Collection at Central Washington University Archives and Special Collections.